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Hello! My name is Kelly and I’m a book-addict 🙂

I also have an addiction to TV series. I enjoy anything that can sweep me away into another world for a little while. I have been known to be able to  tell you more about the politics of a fictional world than the one we live in. I have created this website to share with you the wonderful worlds that I escape into and maybe introduce you to some new friends.

Review Policy

I only review books that I enjoy. I do not write 1 or 2 star book reviews as I do not believe that they are worth my time or yours. The majority books that I review have been given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. While I appreciate the ARC’s that I have been given I also buy the book in question, to support both the publishers and the authors. Please do not buy/trade in unauthorised copies of novels. If you are an author or publisher sending me a book to review please note that reviews will be written on a preference system on books that I have requested or that I have previously reviewed in that series. In saying that if you think that there is a book that I simply must review please email me: kellyashleyblake@gmail.com

I do freelance editing!

I have my Master of Publishing, from the University of Sydney and the course is accredited with the Australian Publishing Association. I specialise in structural editing for aspiring authors. Being a writer myself I understand the struggle of when and how to reveal information to the reader. Does the right character have the right information at the right time? Have you given enough of a backstory for the reader to draw the correct insights and conclusions? Are you consistent throughout the story? You would be surprised sometimes it is bigger issues, a character’s name changing halfway through or smaller items, have you used burned or burnt? I will ensure that you have consistency throughout the manuscript.

So if you are looking to polish your manuscript before sending it to a publisher or are thinking about self-publishing email me and we can discuss rates and depth of work required: kellyashleyblake@gmail.com


While I am aware that every individual has their own opinion, I closely monitor comments on this site. Please do not post anything that may offend someone else. Remember the golden rule: treat others the way that you would want to be treated 🙂 If you have any questions about a review, blog or interview please email me: kellyashleyblake@gmail.com

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